WHy is group therapy so effective?

Because you will work with others who share the same feelings and struggles as you!

Group Therapy is a highly effective treatment for anxiety disorders. It can be used as your primary therapy or in addition to your individual therapy. For many people, Group Therapy for Overcoming Anxiety will work better than Individual Therapy or Individual Therapy alone.

Over 35 Years of Experience

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Who am I?

My name is Linda Pevnick and I am a therapist with over 35 years of experience helping people to learn more about themselves. I help them find out what obstacles keep them from living happier lives so that they can freely go on to change the way they feel in ways that allow them to live the most contented and satisfying life possible. 



You will feel less alone with suffering anxiety in a group of people who know just how you feel.


Linda Pevnick has been a counselor for over 35 years and helps people overcome obstacles to living the life they dream. She provides individual therapy and group therapy.


Hope, encouragement, and understanding creates a positive dynamic as members of the group share their personal struggles.


You won't feel like you are alone on your own island with the support and caring of people who understand.


Learn to identify your feelings and express what is true for you!


See how you relate to others in the moment, and recieve honest feedback from members of the group.

Are You Overwhelmed by Anxiety?

If you find yourself feeling often afraid, finding that your fears interfere with your everyday life, you most likely are experiencing an anxiety disorder. I know how painful it can be when fear and anxiety are ruling your life. You feel trapped by your fears which only makes it feel worse. You may have trouble sleeping, constantly overthinking, ruled by scary thoughts, or having panic attacks. If you are tired of the pain of being overwhelmed and debilitated by anxiety, I am glad you are here seeking help.

But, Some Anxiety Is Normal Isn’t It?

Some Anxiety is a part of life for all of us. It is normal to feel every once in a while. Anxiety is good when it helps us identify potential problems that we ought to be aware of. Then we can be informed that something is a problem so that we can think about what is best for us to do about it. But, Anxiety that just happens for no good reason or for reasons that should not be causing the degree of anxiety you are experiencing, is not normal or good for you.

Why Should I Try Therapy Again When I Haven’t Been Helped in the Past?

Not all therapists know what it feels like to suffer with anxiety. Some may lack the knowledge to help effectively or underestimate the difficulty involved in helping you overcome anxiety. You may have been told just think about it differently or just expose yourself more to what you are afraid of. If you are like many others, you may have found that these methods either don’t work at all for you or seem to work at first but don’t provide lasting change. If you haven't been helped before, you may be extremely interested in what I have to offer.

Group Therapy for Overcoming Anxiety May Be Your Solution!

Group Therapy is a highly effective treatment for anxiety disorders. It can be used as your primary therapy or it can be done in addition to your individual therapy with me or with another therapist. For many people, Group Therapy for Overcoming Anxiety will work better than Individual Therapy or Individual Therapy alone.

Group Therapy has many advantages

Right off the bat you will feel less isolated joining others who care and understand your suffering. It is such a relief to find that you are not alone. Group members develop a real feeling of connection with one another. Your anxiety is reduced as you learn to relate to others in healthier ways, improve your self-esteem, identify and express your feelings, and find your authentic voice. We work toward not just suppressing or controlling your anxiety like other therapies. My goal is to help you eliminate your anxiety. My goal is for you to be able put any leftover anxiety into perspective, to say to yourself, “Oh, I know what that is and I don’t have to worry about that!”

My Therapy Groups for Overcoming Anxiety use the method that is the gold-standard for therapy groups—

In these Therapy Groups you will work on the difficulties that you have outside the group. At the same time, you will also work on how you feel in relation to others in the group. This type of therapy is very helpful for people who experience anxiety when alone or in group settings. Inevitably in group, you will experience the kind of anxiety you suffer in your personal life. Then, you will have the opportunity to work through those feelings within the relationships you have formed in group. As you experience the relationship with yourself and with others in the group in a different way, this will begin to translate to your life outside the group as well. These kinds of change are truly some of the most profound changes you can experience in psychotherapy. My hope is that you will feel like a different person in regard to anxiety. That is why I am so excited about Group Therapy for Overcoming Anxiety. It truly has the power to change people’s lives!

I know what it feels like WHEN YOU suffer from anxiety and how it can painfully limit your life. I found psychotherapy for myself and felt like I transformed myself into a completely different person. It became my mission to help other people find and experience what I had found. After earning a Masters Degree and a Missouri License in Clinical Social Work, I gained invaluable experience with ten years as a Therapist for St. Louis counseling agencies before going on to begin my full time private practice in counseling and psychotherapy thirty-four years ago.

People have described me as warm, sincere, and down to earth. I make it  my job to see things through your eyes, to understand how you feel with never any judgment. I have been honored to have helped hundreds of people over the years to learn more about themselves. I believe that you can learn to overcome anxiety and feelings of depression. I would like to help you to feel like a whole new person, your life no longer limited by anxiety.

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Linda Pevnick, LCSW

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